Genius is a gift that often comes naturally, and the school of Experience is one of the greatest teachers: its students often surpass the wisdom and insight of even the greatest minds, which learn from the lips of a master teacher.
– Author unknown

Craig Gonzales, Founder and Sales Manager of Machinery Finders Inc is the embodiment of this wise saying.

A graduate of the ‘University of Hard Knocks’, Craig is exceptionally gifted in the art of assessing and meeting the needs of customers of his machinery brokerage company. He is the perfect example of someone whose genius as a machinery broker is born out of natural talent, refined in the throes of experience. Craig boasts an enviable 40 year track record in buying, selling, rigging and moving machinery for manufacturers. He holds the distinction of being one of the most competent riggers in Southern California.

Craig is one that’s full of initiative. Not only does he know how to do the job to the satisfaction of his clients; he knows how and where to find the deals that leave customers grinning from ear to ear. Recognizing that the auction house is where the action is, Craig has, over the years, secured most of his moving jobs by attending auctions. Auction houses of manufacturers going out of business or downsizing is, therefore, a favorite on the job hangout for Craig. Apart from successfully scouting out jobs, Craig has developed valuable networking relationships with a number of manufacturers who are key movers and shakers of their industry.

When it comes to knowledge of the brokerage industry, Craig is remarkable. He knows which machines are relevant to what industries. He is also very well informed about the style and value of the different types of machinery. He is versed in the art of appraising machinery and is also a pro when it comes to pricing metals or negotiating the sale of scrap metals. Craig is, therefore, an excellent person to handle your machinery brokerage needs.

Craig has also demonstrated that in the business of machinery brokerage, his genius and creativity are fully backed by his physical strength. Take the business of forklifts as an example: Craig has mastered them all. He has operated forklifts from 2,000 pounds capacity up to the 140,000 pound Versa lift. Craig is also skilled at operating mobile cranes of up to 50 tons.

Craig’s brilliance in the machinery industry dates back to his childhood years. This chapter of his life opened when Craig was still in high school and his dad, Ray Gonzales of Ray’s Machinery Moving, injured his back. The family business was in jeopardy. Craig cut short his education, leaving high school at grade eleven. He, along with his older brother David, who had already graduated, hopped into the trucks and continued the machinery business while their dad recuperated.

Craig actually ran a monorail with a three-ton capacity and his first delivery was a Bridgeport Mill to Rosemead Machinery in Los Angeles. Upon trying to unload the machine, the owner saw Craig struggling and yelled to his men “can somebody help this kid before he kills himself”. Little did that person know that moment would mark the momentum and drive for Craig to learn to move machinery. It was the launching pad of Craig’s eventful but rewarding career in all things machinery.

Craig and his older brother took over running Ray’s Machinery Movers and soon the business expanded beyond the job of machinery movers to include dealing in surplus machinery that businesses did not want. It was from there that Craig began honing his skills in machinery appraisal, pricing and resale. Craig now blends his years of experience, his expertise and passion with the unyielding determination to run Machinery Finders Inc. in a manner that offers first-rate machinery brokerage service to his clients.

Personal Data
Craig was born on June 4, 1957 in Glendale, California. Although he has given so much of his life to the used industrial machinery industry, he has also done some multi-tasking. Craig also wears the hat of father of 5 and role of husband. He has three sons from his previous marriage, and two from his current marriage.

For fun, Craig loves to wheel and deal, get away for family vacations and enjoy a good game of baseball or football.

Craig is not only an outstanding machinery broker, father and husband; he is also a man of sound moral values and high ideals. He esteems the value of trust in business and other relationships. Craig endeavors to build trust through his policy being honest. His motto is: “Patience is a virtue whose reward is sure, so never give up on life.”