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“Made in America”, a slogan that fell by the wayside long ago, is alive and kicking again. With rising productivity levels in the United States and China’s wages increasing exponentially, the US is positioned to be a powerhouse in the industrial market. More companies are considering bringing their industrial business back to US soil.

The decision to bring businesses back to the US is a result of China’s changing regulations. While the pay rate changes are a boon to the Chinese people, the change has caused businesses to consider or actively move their work back to the US. It is a sound business decision; increasing costs and procedural constraints make it more advantageous for manufacturers to come back home. Proximity to their customer base eliminates shipping concerns, which, in the past had been a challenge. Collaborative efforts with other companies provide another selling point to housing manufacturing sites in the US. Partnership to improve the quality of products is a science here but the same approach to product creation and delivery is not practiced in China.

While “Made in America” as a slogan is motivating, it is hard to quantify. What can be measured, however, is the revival of US manufacturing. This trend is expected to continue into 2020 and add millions of jobs to the US economy.

The American Factory Revival: Not a Manufactured Hope